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November 27, 2018


Guru Nanak’s Concept of Justice – Article discusses concept of justice according to Guru Nanak Dev Ji


April 10, 2018


Khalistan: One Sikh's View - Response to I.J. Singh’s article against Khalistan posted.

March 28, 2014


A detailed biography of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is added under the Sikh Gurus section.


March 10, 2014


Authenticity of Shabad Guru: Historical Perspective - Was Guru Granth Sahib ever declared a Guru or given Gurgaddi? This article refutes the Namdhari theories.

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Sandeep Singh

My name is Sandeep Singh. I was about three years old when Indira Gandhi died. I was living in Delhi with my family. We had two stories house. I was standing with my parents in the balcony on the second story. All streets were empty but we could clearly hear the anti-Sikh voices being raised by Hindu mobs. My uncle and auntie came over to our house. My uncle and my family were very religious. All were true Gursikhs. My uncle came to our house and told us that a Hindu barber in the bazaar told him to cut his hair by saying “Sardar Ji, baal kata lao”. My uncle was mad and this outraged my dad too. My father then went to that barber and asked him what he had said that. My father had known him for a long time so he didn’t try to show his anger. That barber said that they received secret orders from the government officials to kill the Sikhs and they had received list of Sikh residents in our colony. Our house was in that list too. My father and uncle quickly ran back to our house and told us all to leave.

We all got scared and started to pack up. Just then we saw one Sikh passing through the street on a scooter. In the next corner he was stopped by Hindus. His turban was taken off and tied his hand behind with it. The spare tire was put around his neck and mobs took out petrol out of the scooter and poured it over him. He was crying and telling the Hindus to let him go because he was innocent but in return he was hit by rods and sticks. One guy lit a match and threw it on that Sikh and burnt him alive. This terrified all of us. We went to our neighbor’s house who was a Bengali to hide there. We stayed in the basement for few days and he secretly provided us with food and everything else. He informed us that our house had been burnt down.

He also told us another terrifying story. Another Sikh lived three or four houses from our house. He had two months son. Hindu mobs attacked his house. He took out his gun and shot couple of people. The mobsters went away and came back with police. The police told him that they came to arrest him for shooting people. He told them that he was attacked. The police insisted on taking him to the police station. They took his gun and told him to walk to the police car which police stopped few feet away from his house purposely. He told the police to bring car closer because he afraid that the mobs will attack him but police did not do it. He and his wife started walking toward the car. His wife was carrying their two months old baby. The mobs started throwing big stones on them and heavy pieces of iron metal. They quickly ran to the car and got in. When his wife looked at the baby he was dead. He had been hit by a metal piece in the head. The police did not make any arrests nor stopped anyone. We do not know what happened to them afterwards and we never saw them after that. My family cut my hair when we were in the basement. Soon after my family came to the United States and we never went back.