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November 27, 2018


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April 10, 2018


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March 28, 2014


A detailed biography of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is added under the Sikh Gurus section.


March 10, 2014


Authenticity of Shabad Guru: Historical Perspective - Was Guru Granth Sahib ever declared a Guru or given Gurgaddi? This article refutes the Namdhari theories.

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Ramblings of Fascist Jackals

It seems our article on Indian Fascism has irritated some loyal Indian fascists who in their vain attempt have tried to reject its credibility. These two pro-Indian jackals go by the user names ‘Amandeep Hindustani’ and ‘Sher’ and have been howling on sikhawareness forum by writing their ramblings against our website with no shred of evidence. In this post we address some of their irrational and incoherent comments (colored) about our Indian Fascism article.

Illogic of Amandeep Hindustani (AH)

As our reader will note from the comments of AH that rather than refuting our evidence using the rules of logic he has rather taken a different approach of sidelining the issue and go off on a tangent.

Yes, the article is full of b.s - Every major country in the world labels the khalistanis as fascists. Hell, you're being thrown out of your own gurudwaras.

How is the article full of B.S. and what exactly in the article is B.S.? If it is the content then we would be interested in seeing some evidence. If it is the subject then we agree that Indian Fascism is full of B.S. which seeks to subjugate minorities to the point of their complete annihilation.

The next point vis–à–vis Khalistanis being labeled as fascists. AH has presented no evidence whatsoever to corroborate his fallacious statement. Has he contacted government officials of every major country to obtain this information or taken a survey? Without any rational evidence, the statement remains illogical and false. The fact of the matter is that apart from bigot and narrow-minded Hindus, no one else in the world labels Khalistanis as fascists. Nonetheless, the article was not about Khalistanis and their status in the world but to expose fascist elements hidden in Hinduism and fascist ideology being advocated and propagated within Hindu terrorist groups that are holding reins of political power in India.

The last sentence is neither here nor there. It does not prove anything against our article.

AH has made three points in the above statements but unlucky for him, not a single point addresses the main issue: Indian Fascism. He utterly failed to address how the article is false and fascist elements in Hinduism, Indian politics and Hindu terrorist groups do not exist. Better luck next time.

And its ironic that the author wants to talk about democracy but wants to set up a theoratic state called khalistan.

AH seems to be confused and completely oblivious to the subject under discussion i.e. fascism. Whether a country is democratic or theocratic, it may still harbor elements of fascism. The so-called Indian democracy only exists on paper and not in practice which is obvious from the fact that the Sikhs do not even have the right to assert their distinct identity. If India was a democratic country then why is there need to label Sikhs as Hindus in Article 25? Why such a religious subjugation with the intent to exterminate the minority? Hindus being the majority in the country will always remain the majority voice which leads to suppression of the minority voice and rights. When the majority wishes to follow the one nation theory on the lines of the Nazis, the democracy ceases to exist. It becomes more of a theocracy based on fascism.

If Khalistan, a Sikh State, is set up as a theocracy it will still most certainly be set up on some of the democratic principles i.e. equality of all, freedom of religion and no interference of the government in religious matters of minorities. What we propose is simply that the Sikh nation will be led by Panj Pyare from Akal Takhat Sahib, the supreme Sikh seat. The country may have a separate political structure of the government which could be elected by the entire population.

The prevelance of the caste system in indian society does not disqualify india from being a democracy as much the prevelance of class system, racism disqualify the west from being a democracy.

Such ignorance is prevalent in Indians these days. There are myriads of differences between caste and class system. Caste system is very rigid with no flexibility to move upwards into the caste. No matter what one does, he can never escape his caste and his duty for lifetime is bound and fixed. AH has completely missed our point on the caste system. Hindus tend to label Sikhs as ‘fascists’ but hypocritically ignore fascism of caste system which is flesh and bone of the Hindu society.

As the readers can clearly see that AH failed to present any evidence to refute our article and prove how Hinduism and Hindus are not fascists.

Next we address the comments of a Punjabi Hindu ‘Sher’ (Jackal henceforth).

Jackal Howls

To our statement “Due to the propaganda and hate campaigns carried out by the Indian media with Hindu backing” he writes:

Would someone ask this terror-lover to back his disgusting claims with some evidence. too easy to cry victim but no one believes the apologists of organisations which have been banned for their bloodletting by most of world's known democracies. What is "Hindu backing" anyway? is he accusing the leading indian newspapers of being as bigoted as Sikh channel, Akal TV or Sangat TV or radio channels which have been spewing hatred and misinformtion for decades? Heard of newspaper named 'Spokesman'? I have never seen such a provocative newspaper anywhere. Such blatantly communal media is tolerated in India, that's a tribute to the Indian democracy (and majority community) indeed.

Evidence is all too clear Mr. Jackal. Punjabi Hindus have become so insecure, bigoted and hateful that any legitimate and rightful demand raised by the Sikhs is quickly seen as an act of separatism and labeled as extremism without any understanding of the issue. Hindus in other states follow suit from the hue and cry of the Punjabi Hindus. Indian media joins the same bandwagon and publishes the official story as the only true story without ever carrying its own independent investigation of the facts. Then writers are hired on government pay-roll to write one side story while banning all other journalists and writers lest they contradict the government with true facts.

First of all, we would like to see the evidence for calling us “terror-lover”. Terror is what was unleashed by the Hindu government over the Sikh population for decades which resulted in thousands of fake encounters, missing youth, rape of women in jails and streets, burning of Sikhs alive, looting and burning their property and desecration of their holy places. When Sikhs were being killed by the army in June 1984 and November 1984, the bigot Hindus enjoyed such terror activities and celebrated by distributing sweets and dancing in the streets. Second of all, ban of some Khalistan groups by few countries is not the result of their independent inquiry into the Sikh movement. It is rather a delusional decision taken due to the misinformation fed by the fascist Indian government. The ban itself does not prove that these groups are terrorists otherwise you will have to acknowledge that these same groups are good in other countries where they are not banned.

Where is the evidence that no one believes the Khalistan supporters? Shall we go into many Senators, Congressmen and political officials who have raised their voice against human rights violations in India? Shall we refer you to achievements of Sikhs For Justice and denial of visa to your loved politicians? And you want to know what Hindu backing is? It is support of fascist Hindus extended to lop-sided media subservient to suppressive Hindu government according to whom Hindu majority voice is the true voice of India and all other are seen as threat to national security.

If you think some Sikh channels have been spewing hatred and misinformation for decades then we would like to see the evidence? Sikhs have the right to speak against the human rights violation and tortures carried out by the Indian regime. This is no misinformation but true facts corroborated by many unbiased journalists and writers. Misinformation is what is spewed out by Indian servants like K.P. Gill and Kuldeep Brar who faithfully licked the shoes of their Hindu masters by killing thousands of innocent Sikhs and then claiming to have done the right thing.

Spokesman is not a Sikh newspaper. It is rather backed by the Hindu terrorist groups to misrepresent the Sikh philosophy and history. Had it been true and honest to Sikh ideals, it would have been quickly banned and its writers killed in fake encounters for the ‘crime’ of religious revival. And you think tolerance of such magazine is a sign of Indian democracy? Perhaps you should come out of your bubble and witness democracy of Western countries.

To our statement “the Khalistan movement has been invariably presented in a negative manner to the general public of India and the rest of the world”, Jackal writes:  

How you would like them to present the perpetrators of massacres of 1000s of innocents which include 330 passengers of Air India plane which was bombed in 1985. why do you (Bijla) assume the civilised world would ignore YOUR terrorism as something divine? There was and there is nothing positive about a movement which is based on terror, misinformation and anti-thesis of democracy.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. What evidence is there to suggest that Sikhs killed innocent Hindus in thousands? Present to us independent inquiry or investigation carried out by any journalist, writer or human rights activist. What hypocrisy that a Hindu is blaming Sikhs for killing innocents when facts speak otherwise. It has been the Hindu government engaged in mass killings of Sikhs since early 80s.

There is equally no credible evidence to suggest that Sikhs were responsible for Air India bombing. It is nonsensical that intolerant Hindus bring up flight 182 in defense to accusation of mass cremation in Punjab. They show the same mentality as the Hindus of early 80s who raised a hue and cry over the death of one Hindu but paid no heed to deaths of hundreds of Sikhs in fake encounters. Such bigotry and discrimination is the main reason for Sikhs to fight for Khalistan.

Further, Mr. Jackal has presented no evidence that the Khalistan movement is based on “terror” and “misinformation”. Raising arms as a last resort is fully justified in Sikh philosophy. In any case, if raising arms against the Indian terrorism is wrong then by the same argument Marathas, Rajputs, Jatts, Rani Jhansi, Tantiya Tope, Sukhdev, Rajguru and many other Hindus were equally terrorists who raised arms for their own self-motives. Sikhs are tortured, killed and suppressed for following their religion. Sikh women are raped and insulted with government support. Sikh holy places are attacked every year. Hindu terrorist groups like Bull-Riding (Shiv) Sena, Monkey (Bajrang) Dal and RSS and government officials continue to threat the Sikhs of extermination Just one quote is sufficient to prove our point:

“If any action occurs in this village, every single male is going to be taken out and shot. Then we’re going to take all the women to our camp and there we’re going to create a new breed for Punjab.” (Brig. RP Sinha addressing assembled Sikh villagers on March 8, 1991, International Women's Day)

Yet a foolish Jackal has the audacity to accuse Khalistan movement being based on “terror”. Need we say more on why Sikhs want Khalistan?

Seriously, did Khalistan represent anything other than terror and fascism?

Do Hindus and Hinduism represent anything other than terrorizing minority groups through the propagation of fascist ideology? You still not have provided any evidence that Khalistan advocates fascism. Is the Hindu way of life solely dedicated to accusing Sikhs of being fascists with no evidence? What makes you think your repeated lies will convince rational, sane and logical thinkers? We on the other hand have shown how the Hindu leaders were visiting the Nazis and learning from them. Hindus feel terrorized because their dream of wiping off the Sikh community in Punjab seems far-fetched when Sikhs raise their voices against Hindu oppression.

as a young teenager in a sikh majority town, i still remember those dark days with nothing but sadness. the memories of curfews and news of minority Hindus being killed or chased out of their homes still sends chill down my spine.

Of course, a Hindu will only shiver when another Hindu dies but when thousands of innocent Sikhs are mercilessly killed  in fake encounters, cremated as “unidentified” or thrown in the rivers then a Hindu like you sleeps in peace because according to you Sikhs must be killed to form a one Hindu nation where no minority group remains alive. We must ask: how do you know those Hindus were not killed by the police or the government operated cats to cause dissension among two communities, sow the seeds of hatred and communal violence and win Hindu support to justify Sikh genocide? There are innumerable cases of how young Sikhs were specifically targeted, picked up from their homes or work and eliminated by the government forces. There is equally credible evidence on how Sikhs were chased out of their homes, trains, buses and shops to be burnt alive in Delhi while the Hindu goons happily watched and danced. Why have these incidents not sent any chill down your spine? Is it because you are a cold-blooded, stone hearted, Sikh-hater monger?

what if those aurganzebi singhs had go khalistan. i would have been eliminated along with my siblings as i would not have converted.

You oppose Khalistan for the same presupposed reasons the Sikhs are currently facing from the Hindu government. While your assumptions are unsubstantiated, the Sikh reasons are valid and true. Sikhs have never forced anyone into a religion while Hindus continue to tell Sikhs to merge themselves in the Hindu fold with no success. We are better off without you.

anyway, his claim of hindus being fascists is REJECTED.

Very easy to live in a bubble where everything Hindu is patriotic and everything else rejected. Such notion of a distorted mind remains fallacious without any evidence. What evidence have you presented that the BJP and the RSS do not advocate fascism?

Gross HR violations in Punjab. Last time i checked dera sacha sauda premis were being harrassed. they are, like so many other minority faiths in punjab, hounded

Mr. Jackal is conveniently ignoring the human rights violations against the Sikhs obviously because he belongs to the Hindu group that considers Sikhs as their bitterest enemy that must be killed and exterminated in order to keep India “secure and united”. Dera run by government clown Gurmeet Ram Rahim is under the Z+ security provided by the Indian government for the crime of mimicking and imitating Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. What democracy can be talked of in a country where a particular religion is mocked, insulted and maligned by rapists and thugs with the government backing and then provided highest level of security? The so-called “minority faiths” you talk of are heretic cults and groups set up by the government to divide numerical strength of the Sikhs by misleading them about their own religion and break them away from the heritage.  Has any such group in Punjab ever imitated Hindu avtars and gods? Has any such group ever claimed to be an incarnation of a Hindu god or goddess? Keep your bigotry to yourself.

As we have seen, both Indians have miserably failed to refute a single source presented by us in our defense. Simply by pointing fingers at Sikhs and falsely accusing Khalistanis of terror and murder does not prove anything. It is rather a futile attempt to subvert the topic by showing their ignorance and lack of knowledge. We hope they study a little before trying their next attempt.