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March 10, 2014


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In Defense of Sikhism and Khalistan – Part 3

Bijla Singh                                                                                                                                                        July 12, 2012

This is the third part of the series in which some misconceptions raised by Hindus related to Sikh freedom movement are addressed. Red comments are by the Hindu author.

    1. Balwant Singh Rajoana has already served a life sentence being in jail for over 14 years – he should be released immediately

Beant Singh, the former chief minister of Punjab, was not elected through democratic means. The majority of Sikhs had boycotted elections and only 5% of people participated and voted. Besides, it has been documented time and time again that the Indian election system is full of fraud in which fake votes are generated to select anyone the Central government wants to win. Beant Singh was selected by the government because he had ensured the Delhi rulers that he would destroy the freedom movement by any means necessary. This is why the government decided to have elections - so that their pre-selected stooge could come to power and do the job for them. After the so-called “elections”, Beant let hell fire loose on Punjab through fake encounters, innocent killings, mass cremation of “unidentified” victims and dishonoring of young Sikh women, which happened on a large scale. Prices were put on Sikhs’ heads: The government was giving promotions to its officers and heavy money rewards to its spies and informants. For each freedom fighter like Sukhdev Singh Babbar, Gurbachan Singh Manochahal and Gurjant Singh BudhSingh, the government was offering 20-25 lakh rupees. It  is not hard to see how the police carried out cruelty against the innocent people of Punjab just to earn promotions and make money. In a despicable way of further crippling Punjab economically, after killing thousands of Sikhs (10-12 lakhs according to Sangat Singh), all of the money the government had spent in suppressing the Sikhs was declared a debt on Punjab. .

Beant Singh had started making claims of being the “next Guru” of the Sikhs and even had the audacity to compare himself to Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He also made the claim that he had killed all the Sikhs not faithful to the Indian government. This was like rubbing a salt to the fresh wound of the Sikhs, who were still reeling from the 1984 twin attacks against Harimandir Sahib and the Delhi genocide. In response, a handful of Sikhs got together and blew up Beant Singh. His security guards and companions were bound to meet the same fate for protecting such a cruel, oppressive and monstrous man and knew the risks of their occupations/associations relating to Beant Singh).

he was not only part of a plot that killed Beant Singh the democratically  elected Chief Minister of Punjab – But 16 others were killed and 43 maimed for life – logic says he should serve a life sentence for killing each of the others.

According to which “logic” is that? Is this written anywhere in Indian law? If not, then why is the Hindu author making statements which have no basis in India’s laws? A life sentence is considered 20 years and sometimes that amounts to 10 years counting days and nights separately. The target of Rajoana was Beant Singh. While it is sad that innocent people got hurt, it was never the intentions of freedom fighters. If Beant Singh had killed all the Sikhs not faithful to the Indian government then what exactly did he need the bodyguards for? Sikhs did not kill innocents with any intention to do so. They were affected due to the operation which targeted Beant Singh only.  One should also note that the mass killings of Sikhs in the Punjab was reduced drastically due to the assassination of Beant Singh.  While the loss of innocent life is always tragic, the ongoing slaughter of a people on a grand scale was much more tragic, intention and a crime against humanity.

Kishori Lal of Trilokpuri was convicted of killing multiple Sikhs in the 1984 riots – in his defence he stated that he was avenging the death of Indira Gandhi

Kishori Lal was not a member of any Hindu freedom fighter group nor was he working for the government. Further, there was already a Hindu government in power to punish the Sikhs. Sikh freedom fighters were fighting the government because the latter was against Punjab and the Sikh religion. In this case, the Sikhs had every right to raise arms as instructed by their faith. On the other hand, Kishori Lal had neither religious nor political justification for his misdeeds. Additionally, Kishori Lal targeted innocent Sikhs and his motives were intentional. On the other hand, Rajoana and other Sikhs targeted Beant Singh only and had no intentions to kill any innocent person. In Delhi alone about 10,000 Sikhs were killed and thousands more were rendered homeless. If deaths of Sikhs in other areas all over India are factored in, the number gets significantly higher. If it is right for Hindus to kill 10,000 Sikhs to avenge one Hindu woman (Indira Gandhi) then by the same argument it must be right for Sikhs to kill Hindus to the same ratio to avenge the deaths of thousands of Sikhs. Even if we assume 100,000 deaths, it means 1 billion Hindus would have to be killed. Applying such logic is preposterous and has no basis in reality. But let us assure the Hindus that they must be thankful to the teachings of the Gurus who have prohibited innocent killing which is why no innocent Hindus were killed by the Sikhs after 1984 attack.

Balwant Singh Rajoana killed and maimed 60 people to avenge perceived injustices

Again, his intentions were to kill Beant Singh who was responsible for killing thousands of innocent Sikhs and has been addressed above.

The Sikhs have called for Kishori Lal who have served 16 years in jail to remain in jail for the rest of his life

By the “logic” presented by the author, why shouldn’t he serve thousands of life sentences?

Sikhs have called for Balwant Singh Rajoana – mass murderer to be released immediately and placed as the Jathedar of the Akal Takht, the highest Sikh body

First of all, whether Rajoana deserves to be a Jathedar of Akal Takhat Sahib is a separate issue and only after determining his qualifications can he occupy the seat. Second of all, if deaths of a few people (innocent though they may be and a tragedy nonetheless) make Rajoana a mass murderer, then Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi must be the leader of mass murder mafia because due to his agreement to the partition, millions of people lost lives and property. Further, Indira Gandhi, General Vaideya, S.S. Ray, K.P.S. Gill, Beant Singh, Julio Robero etc. are all mass murderers surpassing Rajoana in number of killings. Also, hundreds of Hindus who brutally massacred Sikhs in November 1984 are also mass murderers.  How many of these people faced any punishment from the government?

    2. the recent protests relating to convicted mass murderer Balwant Singh Rajoana saw innocent sikhs being attacked across punjab by Shiv Sena workers and the Punjab police

The videos are a testimony to the fact that the Punjab police (servants of the Indian government) attacked innocent, peacefully protesting Sikhs and also fired upon them; whereas Hindus were not even touched (obviously because they rule the country). India has a dubious reputation as a  country where minorities are suppressed and killed even for peacefully protesting against the government of the majority.

The Hindu author has presented no evidence to support his false cases of Sikhs attacking Hindus. On the contrary, it has always been the Hindus who have provoked Sikhs since 1947 and then using the pretext of protests firing upon and killing Sikhs. Sikhs protested against law’s injustice and they have every right to. But Shiv Sena followed no such protocol. To show their hatred, they bypassed any peaceful means of protest and violently attacked the Sikhs with the help of the police. One Sikh was killed, while no Hindu has been reported to have been killed. Many Sikhs were arrested but not a single terrorist of Shiv Sena was arrested. The Shiv Sena has been known to raise anti-Sikh slogan from the time of the Punjabi Sooba agitations. The video link posted by the Hindu does not prove that Sikhs attacked the Hindus. Brahmin is not a race but a caste and calling Brahmin a Brahmin is not anti-Hindu or against the law.

Here are two video links which speak for themselves. Sikhs were reciting God’s name while the police fired upon them. True color of the oppressive Hindu regime.



The Hindu author is falsely calling all Sikhs “Khalistanis”. Not all Sikhs support Khalistan, and any Sikh raising a slogan in support of Khalistan is brutally killed by the government. How is it that the government is not arresting these falsely labeled “Khalistanis”? Also, a Sikh doesn’t have to be a supporter of Khalistan to protest against injustice of the government. It is this false labeling and branding all Sikhs as “terrorists” and “Khalistanis” that will eventually push the entire Sikh nation against India resulting in carving out Khalistan.

    3. Over 250,000 Sikhs were killed by the Indian state between 1982-1993

True figures are hard to determine due to the fact that the government officials never kept an honest account. Figures presented by the Sikhs are a rough estimate and far below the actual number. According to Sangat Singh in “The Sikhs in History” about 10-12 lakhs i.e. 1-1.2 million Sikhs have been killed.

20,000 persons were killed in the Khalistani insurgency – Even the highest estimates do not exceed 25,000

Jaswant Singh Khalra, a human right activist, found that about 25,000 bodies were cremated as unidentified by the police in Amritsar and Gurdaspur area alone. Factoring in the numbers of the entire Punjab, the figures easily exceed 100,000. The Hindu author does not present any evidence to support his baseless figures.

100,000 Hindus were forced to leave Punjab due to attempts at ethnic cleansing by Khalistanis

Where is the evidence? Hindus who left Punjab left on their own. About half of the Sikh population became homeless overnight due to the partition, leaving over 200 Gurdwaras and property of worth billions behind. In return, they were branded as “menace” and “lawless people”. Thousands of Sikhs were forced to leave other states when Punjabi state was created in 1966. Tens of thousands were left homeless by the Hindus in 1984 events. Yet Hindus conveniently overlookthat reality. When it comes to the religious freedom issue, they claim Sikhs are Hindus but when it comes to violence, it is Sikhs vs. Hindu. Why such a double standard?

It was the government who systematically targeted Sikhs from 15-35 years of age to wipe out entire generation of the Sikhs. It was named Operation Woodrose by the government, according to which, the army was ordered to go from house to house in every city and village and kill young Sikhs.


Sikhs in History by Sangat Singh

Reduced to Ashes by Ram Narayan Kumar

    4. Nobody has been prosecuted for the anti Sikh 1984 riots

This claim is baseless. The real fact is that the government has never persecuted any perpetrator because it was the government who organized the mobs and supplied them with information and weapons. Sikhs have punished some Hindu goons themselves and that is only when the government failed to do its job. Many other culprits like Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler are still alive and roaming free while occupying government posititons.

20 people have received life sentences for the anti-Sikhs riots

Many hundreds roam freely and many are still holding government offices. How many Khalistanis are occupying government offices? Would the Hindu author care to comment?

Nearly 3000 Sikhs were killed in the riots

It was not riots but a cold-blooded genocide. At least 10,000 Sikhs left Delhi and relocated to Punjab.

8000 Hindus have been murdered by khalistani extremists in Punjab

This has nothing to do with 1984 Delhi massacre.

Their killers are feted as heroes of the Sikh Panth and some like Wassan Singh Zaffarwal are roaming free in Punjab today because of the lack of prosecution against them.

It is widely suspected that Wassan Singh made a deal with the government or served as an informant to not have been arrested in India. Otherwise why isn’t the government letting Jagtar Singh Hawara and many other go free?


Ensaaf Website

Twenty Years of Impunity by Jaskaran Kaur

Delhi Massacre Reports

The Gallant Defender by A.R. Darshi

Tay Deeva Jagda Rahega and Khait Jo Mandeyo Soorma by Amardeep Singh Amar

I Accuse by Jarnail Singh

    5. Lala Jagat Narain – the owner of the Punjab Kesri news group was killed by Khalistanis in 1980 because he made derogatory remarks against the Sikh Gurus

Jagat Narain was notorious for insulting the Sikh Gurus and printing derogatory comments and pictures of the Sikh Gurus. He misused the media and considering the lopsided law on his side did not care for Sikh sentiments. Due to government’s inability to take any action, Sikhs gunned him down and gave him the deserving punishment.

Lala Jagat Narain – the 80 year old freedom fighter was murdered because he opposed Bhindrenwala and his armed gangs spreading terror across Punjab in the late 1970’s – Despite being a newspaper editor and numerous attempts to rationalize his murder since that time by Khalistanis there has not been a single iota of evidence – be it TV coverage or newspaper clipping or other evidence to prove that he spoke against the Sikh Gurus

Since no evidence has been found, it cannot be claimed that it was Sant Jarnail Singh or his associates who killed him.

Many Khalistanis today still justify his cold blooded murder which heralded the dawn of the bloody Khalistani movement – Lala Jagat Narains son spoke against Bhindrenwala and was also murdered

This is a non-argument. How is this related to the actual movement of Khalistan? Do Hindus not hold murder of General Dyer as justified?

63 other persons related to the Punjab Kesri group were subsequently murdered by Khalistanis in the following years – No other news group in history has faced such a campaign of murder and extortion

Since no evidence has been presented, it is a true myth against Khalistan.

In any case, example of Jagat Narain is not used by Khalistanis as the basis of their argument. Rather it is used to highlight the fact that Hindus can insult the Sikh religion and still be protected by the law but Sikhs are persecuted for defending their religion.


Struggle for Justice by Ranbir Singh Sandhu

Misconceptions about Sant Jarnail Singh and 1984 – Although the article is in Punjabi and English translation will be released soon, we hope Hindus can employ Devanagari script to transliterate it for their Hindu brothers in the meantime.

In the end, bigot Hindus never seem to look at the reality and realize that while many Gurdwaras have been attacked since 1947, not a single Hindu temple has been raided by the police let alone an army action. Sikhs deserve to live freely and not under majority rule which is only possible in Khalistan.