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November 27, 2018


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April 10, 2018


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March 28, 2014


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March 10, 2014


Authenticity of Shabad Guru: Historical Perspective - Was Guru Granth Sahib ever declared a Guru or given Gurgaddi? This article refutes the Namdhari theories.

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Gurmeet Pinki

When the Sikh freedom movement was at its peak, Gurmeet Pinki was hired by S.S.P. Sumedh Saini in Ludhiana. Gurmeet Pinki was a great success to the government in infiltrating the Sikh movement and killing many of the Sikh freedom fighters.

The Indian government had established many Cat groups to malign and destroy the Sikh movement. Gurmeet Pinki was a member of one of such groups who was free to commit any crime. Pinki was a resident of Ludhiana. Prior to becoming a Cat he was involved in many robberies. After robbing a bank in Talwara he hid in his aunt’s, Ranjit Kaur, house who was a Bio-Chemist clerk at Punjab Agriculture University. To avoid the arrest and punishment of the robbery, Gurmeet decided to work as a Cat and an informant of the police. He was provided with weapons, bodyguards and a vehicle.

He was stationed in Ludhiana University. His main objective was to kill as many students as possible who sympathized with the Sikh movement. The number of students he had kidnapped, tortured and killed is more than several hundreds. Gurmeet and his group would sit in their vehicle and keep an eye on every student passing by. Upon spotting anyone who sympathized with the Sikh movement, they would grab him, throw him in their vehicle and take him to the near police station where they would torture the student and then later kill him. The dead bodies were either thrown in the rivers or cremated as unidentified bodies. Gurmeet also targeted many female students of the University. He insulted, and dishonored many of the students. Most of the women he dishonored are said to have committed suicide upon not getting justice from the government. Many of the students disappeared from the University. He had so much authority that no one in the University could speak against him. If anyone tried to protest against him, he was picked up by the Cat group never to be seen again.

This is just a brief summary of Gurmeet Pinki. Once in a while his misdeeds are still published in the newspapers. Just a couple of years ago, he along with his group members blocked a road and started drinking alcohol. A person named Bhai Avtar Singh was traveling in his car on the same road. When he realized that there was not enough room for him to pass by he asked Gurmeet to move to the side, Gurmeet took out his pistol and shot Bhai Avtar Singh dead. Then he continued to drink alcohol. The newspaper strongly protested against Gurmeet and started asking for justice from the Indian government. It is pitiful that the newspapers who are speaking against one murder are silent about hundreds of murders committed by Gurmeet against the Sikh freedom fighters. It was the same newspapers who not only supported Pinki but published many articles in favor of killing the Sikh fighters. Although Gurmeet was arrested in charge of murder but he was released after a few days. When Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara and his companion Paramjeet Singh Bheora managed to escape from Burail Jail by digging a tunnel, Gurmeet Pinki appeared in the newspapers stating that he was directly responsible for their arrests and their escape possessed a great danger to his life.

Although what Gurmeet Pinki and other Cats have done to the Sikh community is not forgivable but behind their criminal activities is the Indian government. It was the Indian government that started Black Cats and hired many criminals to infiltrate the Sikh movement. The government is directly responsible for looting thousands of poor Sikh villagers and dishonoring thousands of Sikh women. Many Cats have been killed at the hands of true Sikh fighters and many like Gurmeet Pinki are still alive and roaming free. As long as the Indian government’s rule exists in Punjab, the Cats will always be there and the people of Punjab will always be under their terror and victims of their criminal activities.

Source: Indian Terrorism on the land of Punjab by Baljit Singh Khalsa

Translated by Sikh Freedom