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November 27, 2018


Guru Nanak’s Concept of Justice – Article discusses concept of justice according to Guru Nanak Dev Ji


April 10, 2018


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March 28, 2014


A detailed biography of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is added under the Sikh Gurus section.


March 10, 2014


Authenticity of Shabad Guru: Historical Perspective - Was Guru Granth Sahib ever declared a Guru or given Gurgaddi? This article refutes the Namdhari theories.

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Educational Reasons

Bijla Singh

Education system of India is very brainwashing and backward. Instead of appreciating the true heroes the government has decided to rewrite the history with fake heroes from Hinduism. These rewritten fake history books have become the foundation of their education system.

From teachers to students everyone openly crack jokes at Sikh students. In Haryana it is normal for teachers to begin their classes with a Sikh joke. Students always bully Sikh students. In Hindu institutions such as DAV College in Amritsar and other Hindu schools Sikh students always become the target of bullying, jokes and even insulting of the turban. In Madhaya Pradesh it is not unusual for a Sikh student to return home bleeding through his nose and mouth and with his turban in his hand. This is the social life of our future generations. Under these circumstances it is normal for Sikh boys to cut their hair and leave the beautiful path of the Sikh Gurus.

In all history books, Sikhs cover only few pages including brief introduction of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s mission and battles of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. First Amrit Sanchaar of 1699 is totally twisted around and students are taught that Guru Ji beheaded goats instead of real humans. Sikhism is taught as another sect of Hinduism. During the examinations students are asked Hindu-Sikh mixed questions such as “which varna was Guru Gobind Singh born in” and “why did the Guru created Khalsa” to which the acceptable answer would be “to save Hinduism”.

When I was in 8th grade in Amritsar, I wrote an essay on Guru Gobind Singh Ji during my history exam in which I wrote many stories of Guru Ji that were not included in the books taught in the classroom. My teacher crossed out my entire essay and gave me no points. When I asked her the reason she said I had made up these stories. I provided the reference and name of book from which I had learned the stories but teacher did not accept it. According to her, only the material in the history book prescribed by the school was acceptable. This is just one example. Many other Sikh students have faced similar problems. It is all part of the Indian education system that is preventing the Sikh students from learning the truth about their faith. Students are being brainwashed in thinking that their separate faith and identity is just another form of Hinduism.

When the topic of India’s independence is taught only Hindu fighters are mentioned. Some Sikhs like Bhai Gurdit Singh of Kamagatamaru is mentioned. Other freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, and Udham Singh are shown as clean shaven wearing hats. Sikh identity is hardly taught in books or shown in the television. Main emphasis is put on Gandhi and his failed non-violence theories. Anti-Sikh leaders like Nehru, and Patel are depicted as the saviors of India. Subash Chandar is depicted as the only Hindu raising an army of Indians to fight the British. The true fact is that it was Mohan Singh who started the organization and trained the army. Not only that, 60% of the army was Sikhs. When Mohan Singh was training the army, Subhash Chandra was in Germany begging Hitler to invade India. Why are these facts being ignored by Indians? The truth is not being taught simply because they want to convince Sikh students that their contribution to freedom fight is almost negligible and they should pay their respect to Gandhi for granting them freedom. Sikhs are ignored in the history books. Sikhism is being Hinduized, Sikh freedom fighters are ignored, and false literature on Sikh faith is being taught to Sikh children. If this continues then in next ten years or so Sikhs will forget about their separate identity and their glorious history. They will start to consider themselves inseparable from Hindus.

Indian law has granted more rights to low caste people. Low caste people have reserve seats in higher institutions. Now, how is the caste of a person determined? It is very simple. When parents take their young kids to enroll in schools their last name or caste name is asked. Education is cheaper for low caste people. Sikhs who don’t believe in caste system because it is against the principles of Sikhism are forced to go back to the caste system. Many poor Sikhs choose a low caste name as their own so that their children will get special benefits in schools and higher institutions. Some Sikhs choose not to use any caste name whatsoever. Once students graduate from high schools and go to colleges or universities they face more problems. If a student with no or high caste name has 90% marks compared to a low caste student with 40% marks then according to the law low caste person is accepted. Low caste students have reserve seats and get priorities for many reasons. The first reason would be to keep them in the Hindu fold so that they don’t convert to Sikh religion, Islam or Christianity. If Brahmin government runs the country in old fashion way then obviously low caste shudras will not get equal rights and thus would want to convert to some other religion that preaches equality. When low caste people have more rights they don’t see the point in converting to Sikhism because of the fear of losing their rights.

The second reason for this would be to encourage the practice of caste system in the Sikh community. This way Sikhs are forced to stay in caste system. Sikh students with exceptional skills and ambitions are discouraged which further declines the future of the country. Many smart Sikh students are denied from higher education because of the absurd education system. If they do get accepted they have to pay heavy prices to get into their chosen career path. Many poor students quit school and seek other physical work to fulfill their family needs. The future generations of Sikhs are not being educated which only endangers Sikhs. Without any proper education what are the chances of a person to succeed in a professional career if he has any?

Even if some rich Sikhs manage to get education and become successful engineers or doctors they are not offered any good jobs. Promotions are given to non-Sikhs. It is the policy of the government to keep Sikhs away from high ranking jobs and prevent them from becoming successful. The highest official is always a Hindu. The evaluation reports are falsely filled out for the purpose of keeping Sikhs in low ranking jobs. In every field Sikhs are being held back. This has made Sikhs turn their attention to foreign countries to get better jobs so they can have better lives. A country which we call our own does not provide us with better future. Is India really our country? I don’t think so.

Indian government wants to make Sikhs illiterate because only educated people think about better future and freedom and they are the ones responsible for brining people into the freedom movements. Before India gained independence Punjab was the second in educational level but it is now at fifth level because of corrupt Indian government. Kerla being the first then followed by Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Gurjart and then Punjab. Another thing I would like to mention is that in Sri Lanka 89.68% adult people are educated, 93.6% in Thailand, 80% in China and only 52.2% in India. India has the lowest percentage in education but still surviving. Khalistan will be in much better position compared to India.

Modern Youth

The Universities and Colleges have become a major place where drugs and alcohol are distributed in large amounts. The main targets are Sikh students. I know many international students from Punjab. Almost all of them smoke and drink but on the other hand Hindu students from Punjab neither smoke nor drink. Starting from higher institutions these drugs have found their way into high and junior high schools. Students learn more about how to become a better drug addict than how to become a better person. Eating iodex sandwiches, tails of lizards, heroin, cocaine and many other medicines are being used by the youth as pleasures. According to these drug addicts they are willing to steal and even kill to buy these drugs. Rather than investing money in some business career the youth is wasting it all in drugs. Dating, abortion and sex rate is higher than ever in Punjab. There are more bars and clubs in Punjab than grocery shops. Female infertility is widely being practiced by the public. Female population has declined by a large scale in last few years. Would these events be taking place if the government was our own? The answer is No.

Many young Sikhs are dying due to their addiction. Sikhi is disappearing in villages and cities throughout Punjab. In village Chabhal (the main center of freedom movement) there are only few families that have Amritdhari members. Rest of the Sikh youth has cut hair and most of them are into drugs. It is sad to see that a village that produced many famous Sikh freedom fighters is now a center of drug distribution. City Ghanoopur (near Khalsa College, Amritsar) has about five Amritdharis less than age of 30. Sikhi is disappearing from the main Sikh centers such as Amritsar and Gurdaspur.

Our future generations lack discipline, pride in their history and have no hope for better future. Drug abuse by the Sikh youth is not only impacting the lives of Sikhs living in Punjab but also living aboard. Many Sikhs living aboard are marrying their daughters to Hindus because they do not want to have any relationship with drug addicts. Even if Sikhs chose to marry with Sikhs the preference is given to the same caste. Look at any matrimonial site or newspapers, the ads are full of asking for jatt, kamboj, khatri, ramgharia etc type of Sikh. This is the influence of Hindu caste system. The majority has always influenced the minority groups and Sikhs will have to deal with it as long as they are living as Indians. Bollywood movies have brainwashed girls by portraying clean shaven men to be more attractive and the dream boys of every woman. The preference of clean shaven men further encourages Sikh boys to cut their hair and drives them away from Sikh way of life. An Amritdhari Sikh is looked upon as too religious or fundamentalist. A religious person is always assumed to be a ragi or preacher who took Amrit just to make a living.

Sikh guys are not the only ones who have to live the hard life. It is equally challenging for girls as well. There are many girls who wear dastaar (turban). Though they are religious but their social life is not too good because the cruel society is always looking for ways to discourage them. Girls with turban are considered “unattractive” by their family members. Their own family members discourage them from not wearing turbans because they will not be able to find a suitable husband. It is hard enough for them to get accepted in the society as it is and the last thing they need is discouragement from their own families. Do they actually think that all Sikhs have died and there is no one left who loves Sikhi and prefers to get married with someone who wears turban rather than someone who spends more time in beauty salons than at home meditating?

The Hindu government has spent billions of rupees in setting up the corrupt education system that would mislead the Sikh youth into thinking Sikhi as another sect of Hinduism. Hindu organizations are trying to destroy our future generations by keeping them busy in drugs and alcohol. Success of a community depends on its future generations. If there are no educated future generations of Sikhs then the future of Sikh nation is not looking very good. In next few decades it will be very hard to tell if Sikhs used to exist in Punjab. Indian media has played its role in misrepresenting and insulting the Sikh image on national level. Indian newspapers have always printed false information on Sikhs and called them “terrorists”. Indian channels have done their work in leading Sikh youth away from Sikhi. By preaching Hindu philosophy and caste system many uneducated Sikh families have started practicing Hindu traditions and celebrating Hindu festivals. Idol worship of the Gurus is becoming normal in every Sikh family of Punjab. If a country’s government, media, newspapers, channels, and society is hostile to another community it is a clear sign that the latter does not belong there and is therefore unwelcome. This is what is happening to Sikhs in India.

These problems created by the Indian government are evident enough to convince any Sikh that Sikhs deserve a separate country where they can teach their future generations the true version of glorious Sikh history, Punjabi language, Sikh culture and true Sikh way of life taught by the Sikh Gurus. Without Khalistan Sikhs will always be treated as second class citizens in India. Without a Sikh government coming into power the Indian government will keep spending billions of rupees to continue its anti-Sikh activities. A religion cannot survive without sovereignty. Sikhs need religious sovereignty as well as political power to preserve their distinct appearance. Only Khalistan’s government can take action against the distribution of drugs and alcohol. As long as India has control over Punjab the education system will not change and Sikhs will continue to see the decline of their future generation going away from Sikhi and more towards Hinduism.

Our land and our minds need to be free. A person may give up all his freedoms but as long as he gets to keep his freedom of speech he can save himself. With free speech we can represent ourselves and speak for our rights. With free speech we can educate our people and the youth to come back in the fold of Sikhism. With free speech we can preach our religion and inspire others to join us in the freedom struggle to conquest our land. In India we do not have this freedom. Anyone who speaks for the cause of Sikhs is killed. People are living in a trapped world of Brahmins where they have to live as “long haired Hindus”, do what the government tells them to do, and keep quiet after seeing their sons getting killed. It is up to Sikhs to decide whether they want to live in India by giving up their every single right or they want to have better lives by forming their own state. A state where the government will be lot less corrupted, where the bribes will not a play any role in getting jobs, where religion will not be a factor in succeeding in life, where everyone can enjoy the freedom to practice their religion, where everyone can speak for the right cause, where the youth is encouraged and helped by the government to pursue their education further, where police will not break into anyone’s house and kill innocent minorities, where criminals will be justly punished for their crimes, where Sikhs will see Sikhi flourishing and spreading in every corner of Punjab, and most of all where people get the feeling that they belong there and can call it their home. Khalistan, a Sikh state, ensures all of this. Do you want slavery or independence? The choice is yours. Let’s unite together and work for the betterment of ourselves and our future generations. Let’s free our people, our country and our Punjab, the land where we belong.