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November 27, 2018


Guru Nanak’s Concept of Justice – Article discusses concept of justice according to Guru Nanak Dev Ji


April 10, 2018


Khalistan: One Sikh's View - Response to I.J. Singh’s article against Khalistan posted.

March 28, 2014


A detailed biography of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is added under the Sikh Gurus section.


March 10, 2014


Authenticity of Shabad Guru: Historical Perspective - Was Guru Granth Sahib ever declared a Guru or given Gurgaddi? This article refutes the Namdhari theories.

- See more at: http://searchsikhism.com/#sthash.dCxb32sh.dpuf

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Current Situation and the Solutions

Recently, appointed jathedars played at the hands of Parkash Badal by pardoning Gurmeet Raam Rahim (GRR), a notorious figure claiming to be a Guru. He has been famous for insulting Sikh Gurus, mocking Sikh principles and being implicated in multiple charges of rape, murder and coercion. An unethical step of the appointed jathedars caused a huge uproar in the Sikh nation which compelled the so-called jathedars to retract their decision. This led to multiple sacrilege events taking place in Punjab in which Guru Granth Sahib Ji was disrespected. We hold followers of GRR with backing of the State government responsible for such incidents.

There have been a massive insurgence of peaceful protests by the Sikh nation in India as well as abroad. Many Sikhs in SGPC and political parties have also joined in these protests. The role of police and the State administration has been awful. The police resorted to firing water cannons and tear gas at Sikhs who were protesting peacefully. Few Sikhs were martyred. As a result, unrest, frustration and anger are growing among the Sikhs day by day. Sikh organizations are collaborating to join a common platform to provide direction to the Sikh nation and plan a path forward. Most common questions being asked are how to deal with the growing sacrilegious events and change the jathedars by calling Sarbat Khalsa. We believe this is a positive step in the right direction. In light of this, we wish to provide few suggestions as our opinions to address such questions.

Conduct in Protests

We have been informed that a complete shutdown was called in many cities across Punjab. While it is a good way for the Sikhs to show solidarity, it is not a wise decision to shut down privately owned businesses as it directly hurts the business owner as well as the common customer. In the meanwhile, the government is not affected at all. We believe the government should be impacted by the protests not the populace. Thus, all government owned businesses should be blocked off, businesses must be cut-off with government banks, and State owned transportation must be boycotted. At the same time, liquor shops must be forced to shut down and drug dealers caught and punished by the public because liquor and drugs are the major source of government’s revenue. This would financially hurt the government and force it to act accordingly in a just manner. In addition, all roads leading to the headquarters and branches of cults must be blocked and sealed off. These cults operate by the support of the government and actively participate in anti-Sikhi activities. Thus, the government would be pressured by these cults to appease the Sikhs.

All Sikhs participating in the protests must be armed with swords, spears and other weapons. While the protests must be conducted peacefully, arms must be used to defend against the police brutalities. The government must be aware of the fact that Sikhs are not impotent or unable to defend themselves. The police would have to think twice before initiating the attack on innocent unarmed Sikhs.

Curbing Sacrilegious Events

Every Gurdwara should have CCTV cameras installed and at least 2 armed guards should be present all the time to ensure no miscreants succeed in their wicked behavior. In case a criminal is captured, instead of handing him off to the police he should be severely punished by the Sikhs. This should send an alarming message to all the criminals resorting to such misdeeds as well as inform the State government that Sikhs are not sitting ducks or dependent on the government to deliver justice. If the government remains aloof from Sikh religious concerns then Sikhs must take matter in their own hands and obtain justice.

Sarbat Khalsa and Leadership

Sarbat Khalsa is an institution which was established by Guru Sahib Himself. All major contributing organizations must send in their representatives to participate. Sikhs living abroad must also select their representatives based on merit and qualification to represent them in the Sarbat Khalsa. Only practicing Sikhs are eligible to participate as the decision taken by this assembly is considered approved by the Guru i.e. Gurmatta. Those who do not follow the commands of the Guru are neither Sikhs nor their decision can ever be approved by the Guru.

Sarbat Khalsa must at once disconnect SGPC from all political parties and replace corrupt members and leaders of the Gurdwaras. Election system must be rejected and abandoned for Gurdwara positions. All jathedars must be fired from their positions. In their places, highly educated and practicing Sikhs must be selected. Each Takhat must have Panj Pyare as the jathedars. Any Sikh who keeps the bare minimum rehat (does naam japp, does nitnem and shuns from bajjar kurehats) can be selected irrespective of his group affiliation. All Panj Pyare must not be employees of the SGPC and must have an independent authority. Their term should be no more than 4 years and their evaluation should be done annually by the Sarbat Khalsa. Anyone who is not qualified anymore (physical disability, neglect, misconduct etc.) can be replaced by another Sikh. Panj Pyare can then make appropriate decisions concerning Sikh issues and work towards overall unity of the Sikh nation. Sarbat Khalsa can further establish more takhats in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and other countries as appropriate and select Panj Pyare as leaders of their communities who would then represent their areas in the annual Sarbat Khalsa. This would at least set the Sikh nation on the path taught by Guru Sahibans and get things heading towards the right direction.

We must iterate, these are our opinions and not representative of the entire Sikh nation. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh