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November 27, 2018


Guru Nanak’s Concept of Justice – Article discusses concept of justice according to Guru Nanak Dev Ji


April 10, 2018


Khalistan: One Sikh's View - Response to I.J. Singh’s article against Khalistan posted.

March 28, 2014


A detailed biography of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is added under the Sikh Gurus section.


March 10, 2014


Authenticity of Shabad Guru: Historical Perspective - Was Guru Granth Sahib ever declared a Guru or given Gurgaddi? This article refutes the Namdhari theories.

- See more at: http://searchsikhism.com/#sthash.dCxb32sh.dpuf

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Hindus Oppose Sikhs in USA

Just few weeks ago, government officials of Fresno, California retracted their proposal to recognize the Sikh genocide (November 1984) due to pressure by the Indian officials. It not only exposes the anti-Sikh agenda of the Indian Hindus but also shows how far the Indians are willing to go to suppress the Sikh voice.

Current Situation and the Solutions

Recently, appointed jathedars played at the hands of Parkash Badal by pardoning Gurmeet Raam Rahim (GRR), a notorious figure claiming to be a Guru. He has been famous for insulting Sikh Gurus, mocking Sikh principles and being implicated in multiple charges of rape, murder and coercion. An unethical step of the appointed jathedars caused a huge uproar in the Sikh nation which compelled the so-called jathedars to retract their decision. This led to multiple sacrilege events taking place in Punjab in which Guru Granth Sahib Ji was disrespected.

Sukhbir Badal’s Idiocy

One of the idiosyncrasies of the Badal family has always been being indifferent to the Sikh freedom rights. Badal family has disgracefully done the most damage to Punjab state and the Sikh nation by increasing sale and distribution of drugs and alcohol, and suppressing economic welfare thereby increasing unemployment and poverty among the youth. Parkash Badal has tight control over the State rule as well as Sikh institutions. Role of Badal family against the Sikh freedom movement is well-known to the Panth.

BJP's Demand for Return of Chandigarh

Recently, BJP has started to advocate Rajiv-Longowal Accord and pushed the demand for transferring Chandigarh to Punjab as it is listed in the accord. But this move of the BJP is not for the benefit of the Punjab State. It will further dwarf the exploited and crippled State. According to the accord, only the Capital Area of Chandigarh will be transferred not the entire city of Chandigarh. The capital area back in 1985 was significantly smaller and no official document provides any insight on what constitutes the entire capital area and its boundaries.

Ramblings of Fascist Jackals

It seems our article on Indian Fascism has irritated some loyal Indian fascists who in their vain attempt have tried to reject its credibility. These two pro-Indian jackals go by the user names ‘Amandeep Hindustani’ and ‘Sher’ and have been howling on sikhawareness forum by writing their ramblings against our website with no shred of evidence. In this post we address some of their irrational and incoherent comments (colored) about our Indian Fascism article.

Illogic of Amandeep Hindustani (AH)

Declaration of Khalistan

Twenty Eight years ago today, the Sikh nation unanimously made the declaration of Khalistan at Akal Takhat Sahib. The decision was made after years of peaceful struggle and two holocausts carried out in June 1984 and November 1984. Even after killing thousands of innocent Sikhs and wiping out the so-called “terrorists” the government had still not made any headway to meet the insignificant demands of the Sikhs concerning their religious, economic and political matters.

Freedom Blog Begins

We are starting this blog to highlight important news, post stories and snippets related to Sikh oppression, suppression, injustice, discrimination and prejudice happening all around the world especially in Hindu India. As if the systematic and planned genocide of the Sikhs by the notorious Indian government wasn't enough, there is much anti-Sikh and anti-Khalistan propaganda being carried out by the Indian media and bigot Hindus on blogs, online news and social media sites.