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November 27, 2018


Guru Nanak’s Concept of Justice – Article discusses concept of justice according to Guru Nanak Dev Ji


April 10, 2018


Khalistan: One Sikh's View - Response to I.J. Singh’s article against Khalistan posted.

March 28, 2014


A detailed biography of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is added under the Sikh Gurus section.


March 10, 2014


Authenticity of Shabad Guru: Historical Perspective - Was Guru Granth Sahib ever declared a Guru or given Gurgaddi? This article refutes the Namdhari theories.

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Shaheed Bhai Sher Singh Shera

Shaheed Bhai Sher Singh Shera was born in disst. kapurthala in a old city called hadiabad on 22 april 1964 at his nanake (moms parents city). Bhai sahib achieved primary education at a loal in hadiabad. After passing 8th grade bhai sahib jee moved to his dads village called Pandohri but now the village it is known as Panhdori sher singh wali,even though the villages named there pind after bhai sahib but its not listed under government village list as sher singh wali pandhori.

After coming back to pandhori bhai sahib jee finished his secondary education at Phagwara. Becasue of bhai sahib's hard work in education he was accepted to Ramgharia college Phagwara and bhai sahib started the study of medical. Bhai sahib was the oldest from his other three brothers balbir singh,gursharan singh and kulwant singh. Bhai sahibs father sahib bhai daljeet singh khalsa and mata jee bibi Rajwant kaur khalsa were amritdharis and followed gurmat strictly.

Bhai sahibs mother was a brave singhni like the puratan singhni and during the shaheedi of bhai sahib she didn't shed a single tear out of her eyes and was proud of her brave son that he gave his life for the panth.

From a young age bhai sahib made a place in every jathabandi's and sangat's heart. The sangat was crying on the shaheedi of this beautiful sher but his mother was tellin others not to cry and stay within akal purakhs hukam. When bhai sahibs parents heard of bhai sahibs shaheedi his both parents did loud jaikaras that the pind heard them. With good looking eyes and strong body by sahib jee was a unique person from everyone else. The gurbani that bhai sahib recited gave so muh power that u would see a light on his face every time.

When bhai sahib got admitted to ramgharia college bhai sahib saw the hatred against sikhs by the government and bhai sahib were shaken by that. During that time bhai sahib met sant baba jarnail singh jee khalsa bhindranwale and joined sant jee in the sangarsh.

20 September 1983 sant jarnail singh and bhai amrik singh jee started the delegacy. In that Bhai sher singh jee from phagwara and his sikh friends took part in it. With hard work and dedication toward the sangarsh bhai sahib jee were announced as the pardhan of phagwara area. Bhai sahib jee started protest against comrades at his college and the comrades and police became worry of bhai sahib.

In 1984 bharat hukamat attack darbar sahib and this attacked affected the whole Sikh community not only in Punjab but in other countries also. After the attack bhai sahib jee decided to join the sangarsh and die for his panth, even if it means his whole family will be killed or torured by the police and forces. Bhai sahib youngest brother took tortured by the police almost everyday.

In 1986 the akali's lost the elections and with this election lost bhai sahib and many other protestors were arrested. But with the change of sarkar it never affected the jujahroo singhs but police and Indian force tortures always affected many jujahroos and their families. During that time bhai sahib jee were accused of many thing and were put in jail at kapurthala.

After the release from the jail in 1987 the jalandhar and kapurthala police announced bhai sahib as pagaora and because of this bhai sahib could not achieve his medical diploma from phagwara college. After this bhhai sahib again joined the movement and the torture of family members begin also. With the heavy and brutal harassment by the police bhai sahibs family members were affected physically and mentally. But on bhai sahibs mother it didn't affected the hatred by government.

Becasue bhai sahib's hard work bhai sahib was announced as the Pardhan of Sikh student federation in 1987. At kirtan smagams and college function sangat was always waiting for bhai sahib to speak.

A quote from one of bhai sahibs speech: " SADHA SANGARSH,HAKK,SACH,DHARAM OUTA OUDARAT HAI NA KI IK FIRKA OUTA, ASI BHAVA 4 SINGH KIYOA NA REH JAIYA ASI SIKHI SIKDHAT NAI SHADNI"This sangarsh,rights,,truth is all depended on our religion teachings,Even if four singh are left we will never leave our sikhi principles".

To gather all jathebandi's for meetings was the duty of bhai sahib. The families of shaheeds bhai sahib always helped them and shared their pain and happiness.

Bhai Sher Singh was arrested with his friend bhai Bakhtyaar singh bathinda walay near ludhiana. Bhai sahib jee were tortured brutally to find out about bhai sahibs links with other jathabandia.
The police used all torture techniques but this singh of kalidhar said waheguroo wahegurooo. [This police officer I met and he told me there were like 9 police men and three officers who tortured bhai sahib, the nine first went out to drink sharab then came back at night. before they left they hanged bhaib naked upside down. After they came drink they took him down started kicking him at his main parts and then did ghotna but one police officer that sher singh kept sayin wahegurooo wahegurooo]. In the newspapers in the morning bhai sahib jee and his friend were announced dead by police in a police encounter near village pehnda and ludhiana thana payal vikha.

Bhai sahib and his friends bodies were burned by the police and were named unknown (lavaris) bodies in a registered book. Bhai sahibs shaheedi gave a different name to the panth and made the sangarsh more stronger.