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November 27, 2018


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April 10, 2018


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March 28, 2014


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March 10, 2014


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Bhai Dilbagh Singh

This is the story of Bhai Dilbagh Singh Ji who was just 16 years old when he attained shaheedi.


Many Singhs used to come and stay at Bhai Dilbagh Singh's family house, and his parents and his sisters would do seva of looking after the soldiers of Guru Sahib's fauj. Bhai Sahib's father would always tell his wife that look how many families have given all their children to the panth, we haven't even given one child to Guru Sahib. Bhai Dilbagh Singh Ji heard his father say this and would do ardas to maharaj to bless him with a gusikhi jeevan so that he could live and die as a saint soldier of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj.

Torture of Bhai Sahib's Father

Because of the seva Bhai Dilbagh Singh Ji's family used to do for the Singhs his father was arrested many times and tortured in the most horrific ways, but he was a true Sikh of Guru Sahib and he never revealed anything about the Singhs. When questioned about the Singhs all Bhai Sahib's father would say was 'Waheguru'.

Shaheedi of Bhai Sahib's Father

One time, the police realized they would never be able to get any information from this Singh. As a result, they took him to a field, blindfolded and shot him. They then disposed of his body by throwing it into a nearby river. In this way Bhai Dilbagh Singh Ji's father attained Shaheedi. His body was never returned to his family, and the police told them that he had tried to escape from prison and as he did so he was shot dead.

Bhai Dilbagh Singh and the rest of his family did not feel sad, they were proud that their father could die for the cause of his faith. Bhai Dilbagh Singh's sisters used to encourage their younger brother to start taking active seva in the movement.

Bhai Dilbagh Singh Ji's Seva for the Panth

Before his father's shaheedi Bhai Dilbagh Singh Ji used to do gupt seva such as taking ammunition and weapons from one place to another on his bicycle. He would then hide the shahstars in a new place, where the Singhs would collect them. Bhai Dilbagh Singh was very brave and would never get scared when he used to do this seva. His family and him would always do ardas to Guru Sahib before going on such a mission to ensure that no matter what happened, even if their son/brother lost his life, that the Singhs would get their ammunition and weapons, such was the love for the panth, that the family didn't care about their own child all they cared about was Guru Sahib's fauj.

The police never suspected that this 13-year-old schoolboy was doing such seva. Eventually after Bhai Sahib's father attained shaheedi, his sisters and his mother encouraged Bhai Sahib to take a more active role in the movement. They did not care what the consequences of this would be; all they cared about was the chardeekala of the panth.

Leaving Home

Bhai Sahib left his home with the following words of his mother, 'Make sure whatever action you are involved in or do is in accordance with Gurmat and for the Chardeekala of the panth, never compromise on the principles Sikhi.'

At this time Bhai Sahib was 15 years old and had joined Singhs belonging to the Khalistan Liberation Force. At first a small portion of the Singhs who didn't know Bhai Sahib thought he was far too young, but then these Singhs learnt from others about how brave Bhai Sahib was. They didn't realize that it was this 15 year old who was responsible for providing them with their weapons and ammunition. The more time they spent with Bhai Dilbagh Singh Ji, the more they learnt about his character. He was a true Sikh in every thought, word and deed.

Bhai Sahib was involved in many actions to punish the dushts of the panth. He stayed true to the words of his mother and made sure that innocents were never harmed. Whenever he and the other Singhs would go to deliver justice to any dusht they would do ardas to maharaj, to make sure whatever happens they stay true to his path and that they accept whatever happens as his hukam.

Bhai Dilbagh Singh Ji's Shaheedi

In one of these missions Bhai Sahib was shot in his leg and his back by some police officers. Even though Bhai Sahib was injured he still remained in Chardee kala. At this time he was with one other Singh. As these two Singhs were trying to get away the police were chasing them and firing bullets from all corners. Bhai Sahib and the other Singh had one pistol and one Ak-47 riffle between them, with very little ammunition. As the Singhs were running, Bhai Dilbagh Singh because of the injuries he had sustained fell to the floor. Bhai Sahib told the other Singh with him to try to escape while he would try to hold of the security forces. The other Singh looked at Bhai Sahib and said, 'No, we did ardas to maharaj together and we fought together, I will not leave you now.' Saying this the Singh dragged Bhai Dilbagh Singh into a small building.

These two Singhs then took up positions and started firing at the police who were still chasing. Both Singhs had the name of Akaal Purakh on their lips. Many police officers were killed. Bhai Sahib and the other Singh held the police of until their ammunition was exhausted. They then did a final ardas to maharaj, and remembering Guru Gobind Singh Ji's words, ‘Jab aav ki audh nidhann nanay, aut he rann me tab joojh maroo’ (When this mortal life comes to end, may I die fighting with limitless courage) on their lips, they took out their kirpans and came out to die fighting, as soon as they were out of the building they shouted, 'Bolee Soo Nihaaal, Sat Sri Akaal' together and they tried to run towards the police. When this happened the Singhs were shot several times.

In this way two more jewels of the panth took their place at the feet of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj.

Taken from ikonkaar.blogspot.com