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November 27, 2018


Guru Nanak’s Concept of Justice – Article discusses concept of justice according to Guru Nanak Dev Ji


April 10, 2018


Khalistan: One Sikh's View - Response to I.J. Singh’s article against Khalistan posted.

March 28, 2014


A detailed biography of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is added under the Sikh Gurus section.


March 10, 2014


Authenticity of Shabad Guru: Historical Perspective - Was Guru Granth Sahib ever declared a Guru or given Gurgaddi? This article refutes the Namdhari theories.

- See more at: http://searchsikhism.com/#sthash.dCxb32sh.dpuf

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An Underground Singh

Someone who is not on police files. We are not underground in the usual sense of the term. We have weapons just as the paramilitaries have. We are the Sikhs of the l0th Guru and we don't hide when we fight. We forewarn our enemy that we're there.

Those who are under­ground are those who work quietly and confidentially. Actions in the urban areas would not be possible for example, if we did not know beforehand who was with us and where we could go. We need food and directions when we are carrying out actions in urban areas. Urbanites help us in planning and the targets are those who are obstacles to our freedom and those who are informers.

Our struggle is not with any sectarian or caste groups. For example, there are some Brahmins in the villages who are not obstacles. However, whoever is blocking our freedom — even if it be my own father and he is a tout - I cannot spare him and thereby give him a special favour.

Now, there are very few informers in the village for we have been successful in getting the support of the people. We don't harm the poor because for our success we need the support of very ordinary people.

Once I had kidnapped the relatives of five policemen. I did so because the police had arrested seven innocent villagers and tried to convict them of being engaged in an armed action. Each time the villagers applied for their release the SHO would say they were terrorists. We sent letters to the police constables' homes and we sent one too, to Gobind Ram" which said, 'Son! If you want to kill our brothers, go ahead. We want them released without bail. If the government of India agrees to release them, the relatives of the five policemen will be returned unharmed. If not, the five constables - they were all Sikhs - must resign. If they do that, we'll also release their relatives.'

For six days they carried out very intensive searches. By the Guru's grace and the support of the villagers they were not found. Then the seven villagers were released. But we knew that Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh were going to be hanged and we knew four police touts. We hanged the four the same day.

Extract from an interview with Shaheed Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Gora, deputy commander of Khalistan Commando Force.

Taken from ikonkaar.blogspot.com