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  Indian Fascism - Exposes fascist elements of right-wing Hindu groups and the Hindu religion.

  Eunuch Gone Mad - Rebuttal to Eunuch's silly response to our "Eunuch Refuted" rebuttal.

 Eunuch Debunked Again - Refutation to Eunuch's next response.

  Eunuch Refuted - Refuting allegations against our website.

  Misconceptions about Sant Jarnail Singh Ji - Article addressing misconceptions about Sant Jarnail Singh Ji added.

 Bhai Amrik Singh - Story of Bhai Amrik Singh added under victims section.

Welcome to Sikh Freedom Home Page

      Sikh history is rich and full of sacrifices made by Sikhs for the cause of freedom, justice and peace. Sikhs fought Mughal Empire for over hundred years, foreign invaders like Abdali, Timur Shah, Nadir Shah, and British Empire. They also gave their lives by fighting in France, Malaysia, Africa and Arab countries in WWI and WW2. Behind all these wars and sacrifices there was only one cause, one reason and one desire and that was FREEDOM. The Sikh struggle for freedom and survival still continues in India today.

     The land of Punjab where the Sikhs learnt their first lesson of freedom is now under control of cruel and unjust government of India. Ever since India gained independence it has tried to suppress Sikhs and wanted to keep them as second class citizens. The oppression and injustice took a new turn when India attacked Darbar Sahib, the holiest place of Sikhs. Since then, thousands have been martyred. Sikhs are being attacked in every way possible. Sikhs have made numerous sacrifices to free themselves from the clutches of India. Sikhs demand a separate country where they can enjoy the true freedom. Once again it is time for Sikhs to show the current government that Khalsa that is capable of fighting thousands, the image of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, and protector of freedom is very well alive today and will always be alive.

    Purpose of this website is to educate people about the freedom fight of Sikhs and expose the true face of Indian terrorism. We have included current religious, political and economical situation of Sikhs in India so that people can get a little insight of the truth that the situation today is not any different than it was before. Sikhs are still not free and are being oppressed in many ways in India.  This web site is dedicated to Sikhs who sacrificed themselves for freedom to keep their dignity, self confidence, pride and turban on their heads. LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION.

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